Sherry Goldberg Art

Artist Statement

What inspires me? Everything! Faces, architecture, scenery, history, mythology, animals; perhaps it is more appropriate to ask what doesn't inspire me.

My art is created using canvas, paint, glue, jewels, crystals, jewelry, most importantly, glitter, and a myriad of other materials. I consider myself a glitter artist. When I am inspired to create a piece of art, I first mentally picture my huge array of glitters and think of interesting and unique embellishments to turn what I see in my head into something three-dimensional, colorful, and captivating. When people see my art, most of those who are intrigued by it, gaze at it with smiles on their faces, pointing out the different nuances that I used to create the piece. For example, I have a piece called "J'Aime les Chats"; I affectionately call it "Cat House." It features a beautiful home, Spanish moss trees, and many pieces of cat jewelry. When one moves even slightly while looking at the piece, it appears that the Spanish moss is actually moving. As light reflects off of the glitter, the unique attributes of my art can be best appreciated.

When I begin a new piece, my vision is already well established. Choosing the materials is always a challenging process, because I literally take out every considerable color of glitter, paint, and an array of embellishments that I might use. I end up surrounded by all of these materials on tables that circle the area in which I work. Then, as I begin to create the piece, I have to place my canvas on a horizontal surface to protect the glue and glitter from the effects of gravity; I have no chioice!

I have been creating glitter art for over 20 years, and the entire collection encompasses over 400 pieces of both glitter and ceramic art. My goal is to let people know that I have created this new medium and to help glitter art find its place in the art world.